Frameless Compact Midnight Blue Kirinite Khalsa Kirpan

Frameless Compact Midnight Blue Kirinite Khalsa Kirpan

£310.00 £230.00

Large and Compact Sapphire, Midnight Blue and Ruby Kirinite™ (named after an innovative dear brother Raj Singh’s daughter Kirin) Artisan Kirpans are in stock and shipping! 

Compact Midnight Blue Kirpans are £260 each, including strap, pouch and brochure. Each have a 3 inch/7.6cm blade (5.75 inch/14.6cm overall length, including handle)

We did some breakage tests with Kirinite™ samples and found the material to be far stronger than the resin we were using in our Khalsa Blue Kirpans. The Kirinite™ is also more uniform in finish than the black micarta (cloth based phenolic resin) and G10 we’ve been able to obtain and have been using. So we’ve decided to change to this new beautiful and ultra-durable resin and are now offering it in 3 exquisite colors (Sapphire, Ruby and Midnight Blue).

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